'Father's Day Redo' with Ivan Cash
April 2015


Clients: Saatchi & Saatchi/ Cash Studios / Toyota
Role: Executive Producer

Selected by Adweek as "Ad of the Day" Toyota’s pair of short documentaries honoring dads struck a chord with its honest, straightforward approach. 

One of the films, "Father's Day Reunion," follows 20-something Phil Eastman, whose parents divorced when he was 8, and who last spent Father's Day with his dad 15 years ago. Eastman says, "every time I see my dad, it feels like I'm coming back home." Getting together helps both men shed baggage so they can enjoy each other's company in the here and now. The second film featured street interviews conducted in Los Angeles, in which subjects revealed what their dads meant to them, later phoning their dads to give thanks. 

Director Ivan Cash's low-key, naturalistic style is especially effective at starting a timely, new conversation on Father's Day.

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